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Almost everyone has experienced tough times. Like the sea, life is sometimes up, sometimes tides. Like a vast ocean, the waves sometimes rolling, sometimes the ocean is changing very quiet. We may assume it's all just a mere routine of life. Then, what is the meaning and secret of all that? A lot, the fundamental inter alia, that behind the routine there a special relationship between us and Allah.

Help of Allah it must be. Assistance and help of Allah does not come just like that. Allah will not provide assistance free of charge. Allah willed that Allah's defense to the believers manifested by the efforts of their own, in order to reach maturity from the crevices of the difficulties they experienced.

Had it come without own help through a difficulty, then the pleasure that could have happened after that would become an obstacle to the emergence of one's own potential power.

What we need to remember Allah's help was not always come in the form in accordance with our wishes. It could be otherwise, the help of Allah come in the form of sometimes not reflected in our minds. But make sure it is the beginning of something good.

Allah did not make own help as something that just fell from the sky. Do anything to be done so that we deserve Allah's help. Come closer closer to Allah, so that every time we are always in the guidance and always get help.


Istiqomah means is fixed firmly on the path that is straight or consistently on top of a truth, either in the form of belief or a practice. As for tips for reaching istiqomah of them are as follows :

1. Science that Nafi' (Science of useful).
Science is useful to make sure those who labor increases and strong in defending his charity.

2. Tamassuk Bil Quran wassunnah. (sticking with the Qur'an and As-Sunna).

3. Charity in the middle of no exaggeration.
Those who labor in the middle will measure the ability of himself, and with excessive lead to boredom and eventually be able to leave the good of it.

4. Shuhbah shalihah (friend/good environment).
A good community is able to support the charitable and religious constancy.

5. Prayer to God.
Example: "Yes Muqallibal Qulub .. Tsabbit Qalbi 'alaa diinika"
(O the tossing and turning heart, set me in thy religion)

Barriers Istiqomah :

1. The devil.

Satan was given a long life so they try to use the age and the chance to mislead people.
How to capture the evil man is to lead people to commit sin began the greatest level of up to a lighter, namely by: Kufr and polytheists / shirk, bid'ah (making up a new case in matters of religion), a multitude of sins, the sins small, poor practice to leave a major key, and so on. So we take refuge in Allah from the shackles of the devil and Satan.

2. A bad friend.
Friends are very obvious bad influence. How many people who originally coined the soul of the righteous, but due to the association and one chose the wrong environment, suddenly has turned into a long way. So take a look at who your friends and your environment.

3. Lust.
People who indulge in the passions would be difficult to firmly on the religion, customs delay, delay plus a charity, the length of wishful thinking, and others.

4. Crashes in Defamation (libel test).

Defamation lust or doubtful (error). It means if someone has been crashing or mired in a scandal, such as calumny lust sometimes makes people who used to be diligent in science or charitable suddenly disappeared.

5. No Patience.

The lack of patience a person can also cause people are not committed and, it was because he felt heavy with the ordeal and ultimately gave up the fight before it's patience.

Those are some tips to be committed and in its case which can be a barrier we can istiqomah. May we be able to take lessons. God guides us is above the right path and straight. Allaahu 'Alam.


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