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the language is Tansyi `ah (formation), Ri'ayah (maintenance), Tanmiyah (development), and Taujih (direction).

So tarbiyah process which we do using a variety of means and media and all sorts, such as halaqoh, mabit, tatsqif, ta `lim fil masajid, mukhoyyam, Lailat katibah and others must consider four issues above as practical steps to arrive at strategic goal is the establishment of private Muslim or Muslim da `i mushlih deeds.

1. Tansyi'ah (formation)

In the process tansyi'ah must consider three important sides, namely :

a. Formation of Ma'nawiyah Ruhiyah
Formation Ruhiyah ma'nawiyah can be done with activities such as worship ritual qiyamul Lail, shaum Sunnah, Qur'an recitations, dhikr etc. The Murabbi should be able to make such facilities tarbiyah mabit, Lailat katibah, jalsah Ruhiyah, in personal form on the side Ruhiyah Mutarabbi ma `nawiyahnya and felt and realized by Mutarabbi that he is undergoing a process of forming ma'nawiyah Ruhiyah. Do not let mabit only to mabit.

b. Formation Fikriyah Tsaqofiyah
Means and tsaqofiyah tarbiyah media should be used as a means and media can shape participants fikriyah tsaqofiyah tarbiyah on hand, do not let tatsqif to tatsqif and ta `ta` lim to lim, but it must be clear objectives that tatsqif for the formation of a true and complete tsaqofah, ta `lim to tafaqquh fid deen and this must be recognized and felt by Murabbi and Mutarabbi.

c. Amaliyah Harakiyah
The process aims to establish personal tarbiyah apart from the Ruhiyah ma `nawiyah and fikriyah tsaqofiyah Amaliah harakiyah also aims to form that must be done simultaneously and berkeseimbangan such as the obligation recruitment by da'wah fardiyah, da'wah 'ammah and other forms of da'wah other nasyrud . And management of new tarbawiyah halaqoh so the Ruhiyah ma `nawiyah and fikriyah tsaqofiyah actualization and formulated in the form of real charity and real activity as well as perceived by the environment and society at large.

2. Ar ri'ayah (maintenance)
Islamic personalities who have been or may begin to form to be kept and maintained ma'nawiyah, fikriyah and amaliyahnya and should always mutaba'ah (controlled) and taqwim (evaluated), so do not there is a reduced, decreased or weakened. Thus the quality and quantity of worship rituals, conceptual insight, and harakah fikrah stay awake and well maintained. There is no reduction in the recitations yaumiyah, qiyamul Lail, shaum sunnah, read books, tatsqif, liqoat tarbawiyah and da'wah activities and coaching cadre.

3. At Tanmiyah (development)

In the process tarbiyah, Mutarabbi Murabbi and should not be satisfied with what exists and are content with what you have, let alone mnganggap already perfect. Murabbi and good Mutarabbi Murabbi and utarabbi is always correct deficiencies and weaknesses and to improve the quality, far-sighted ahead, that tarbiyah must be ready and able to offer the concept of change and to propose solutions to various problems of the ummah and dared to lead the faithful. Therefore the quality of self and the pilgrims is a demand and need in the process tarbiyah.

4. At Taujih (direction) and At Tauzhif (Empowerment)
MT does not only aim to deliver a good and qualified man in private but must be able to empower themselves and the quality of the elements change themselves to become active and productive (Ash Muslim Al Salih Al Mushlih). Murabbi to direct, enable and empower Mutarabbinya kapasitasnya.Mutarabbi accordance with the field and ready to be directed, assigned, placed and functioned, so as to provide real contribution to da `wah, pilgrims and Muslims, do not hesitate to fight and sacrifice for the sake of this religion.

"Among those who believe that there are people who keep what they have promised to God, then among them there are slain, and among them some are waiting and they do not change the slightest promise" (Surah 33 : 23)

Indications tarbiyah success can be seen in the role and contribution of volunteers in distributing fikrah, the formation of Islamic society, fight against misguidance combat damage and capable of directing and guiding people to the path of Allah. And in a state ready to take on all kinds kebathilan confronting us and hinder the speed of Islamic da'wah.
"Verily Allah has purchased of the believers themselves and their property by giving heaven to them, they fight in the way of Allah, then they kill or get killed, it has become the true promise of God in the Torah, the Gospel and the Koran, and who is more to keep his promise (other) rather than God, then rejoice in the bargain which ye have done it and that's a great victory"(QS 9 : 111)
May God always be with us and victory to our side. If you defend (religion) of Allah, surely Allah gives victory to you and establish your feet on the path of truth.


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