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Almost everyone has experienced tough times. Like the sea, life is sometimes up, sometimes tides. Like a vast ocean, the waves sometimes rolling, sometimes the ocean is changing very quiet. We may assume it's all just a mere routine of life. Then, what is the meaning and secret of all that? A lot, the fundamental inter alia, that behind the routine there a special relationship between us and Allah.

Help of Allah it must be. Assistance and help of Allah does not come just like that. Allah will not provide assistance free of charge. Allah willed that Allah's defense to the believers manifested by the efforts of their own, in order to reach maturity from the crevices of the difficulties they experienced.

Had it come without own help through a difficulty, then the pleasure that could have happened after that would become an obstacle to the emergence of one's own potential power.

What we need to remember Allah's help was not always come in the form in accordance with our wishes. It could be otherwise, the help of Allah come in the form of sometimes not reflected in our minds. But make sure it is the beginning of something good.

Allah did not make own help as something that just fell from the sky. Do anything to be done so that we deserve Allah's help. Come closer closer to Allah, so that every time we are always in the guidance and always get help.


mastokkenari said...

pertolongan Allh datang pd orang yg tdk berputus asa, selalu berusaha tanpa menyerah .....

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